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Preventive Medicine

Titer Testing…

Titer testing, a measure of antibodies in the blood for a given disease that provides an efficient check of disease immunity. Titer testing allows clinicians to determine the exact vaccinations a patient needs and provides a key cost-saving advantage since unnecessary, duplicate vaccinations will not be given. +

Typical testing includes

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Varicella
  • Rabies
  • MMR
  • Tuberculosis

Unsure of Your Vaccination History? Titer Testing is for You!

Since childhood, we have been immunized against a range of diseases to keep our bodies healthy and well.  However, it can be challenging to keep record of all of these vaccines throughout the years, especially as we move and change healthcare providers. No one wants to get an extra shot or pay for an immunization that is not necessary, and this is precisely where antibody titer testing comes in. A titer test is a measure of antibodies in the blood, providing a check of disease immunity. The results of a titer test then allow a clinician to determine whether a vaccination is required.

A titer test involves a simple blood draw. The sample is analyzed, and results are returned within 24 to 72 hours. Doctors Urgent Care offers a full range of laboratory test services, including all antibody titer testing.

Perhaps you can’t remember for certain whether you had a case of a given disease in the past, have misplaced your immunization records over the years, or can’t get in touch with your Primary Care Provider to get your medical records.  A titer test, however, will give your clinician a measure of your immunity and solve these memory and record keeping problems. Therefore, titer testing and vaccinations go hand in hand.

Titer Testing: Cost Savings

Doctors Urgent Care makes every effort to not re-vaccinate if vaccination is not, in fact, necessary by offering titer testing.. As a result, our experienced clinicians are able to save individual patients a significant amount of money by first checking immunity to Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Varicella, Rabies, and MMR, for example.

Moreover, a titer test is virtually no risk – it merely involves a simple blood draw with results available almost immediately.

Titer testing is similarly beneficial for corporate clients. Cost savings are evident when comparing the cost of a titer test to the cost of vaccination. Titer testing is a crucial component of any vaccine credentialing program; call Doctors Urgent Care today to learn how to integrate this service into your company’s wellness program!

Human Resources Manager…

As a human resources manager, you know your employees are your most valuable asset, and the wellness of your employees has a direct impact on your company’s productivity, effectiveness, and profitability. Doctors Urgent Care offers employee wellness examinations, health screenings, and corporate health programs to keep your workforce functioning at its peak. Our services are convenient, cost-effective, and designed to help you achieve your operational goals.

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